Courses delivered in the MET program are designed to ensure that graduates will have a sophisticated understanding of how e-learning functions within different organizational contexts.  The degree and certificate programs offer courses specific for those whose career path include Course Designer, Educational Technology Developer, or IT Professional.

Professionals who are interested in this area work in both academic and technology fields and play a role in course design and development.  The MET program provides considerable knowledge of teaching approaches and modern learning theories, with a particular focus on how these relate to instructional design models and development approaches.  Professionals with this focus will:

  • develop the ability to effectively analyze learning situations so as to identify associated technology-related design challenges
  • acquire a thorough knowledge of the research literature on design issues that impact teaching and learning using technology
  • gain practical experiences using new technologies to develop instructional materials


Courses of Interest

  • ETEC 510-  Design of Technology Supported Learning Environments.
  • ETEC 565A – Learning Technologies: Selection, Design and Application