ETEC 523: Mobile & Open Education

ETEC 523: Mobile & Open Education (elective course)


ETEC 523 is an experiential immersion in the proven and emerging potentials of mobile technologies and open learning. The majority of the course will be conducted on the mobile web, on mobile devices. Students will become proficient with the theory and strategy of mobile education through collective critical analysis of existing technologies, applications and trends in the global mobile culture specific to knowledge acquisition, generation and dissemination. Given the explosive pace of mobility, each ETEC 523 cohort will flash-create its own thematic foci to ensure an authentically original scholarly perspective. ETEC 523 students will be invited to apply what they learn by revitalizing the content and experience of ETEC 523.


In ETEC 523 students will:

  • gain a broad critical and practical understanding of existing and emerging mobile potentials specific to teaching and learning;
  • acquire durable skills relevant to the analysis and design of mobile and open education environments and experiences;
  • apply their new skills and creative abilities to the curation of mobile learning systems in flexible and traditional contexts;
  • contribute individually and collectively to current scholarship and professional evaluation of mobile and open education.


The components of the ETEC 523 experience are:

  • Getting Going: Course orientation & participant profile development;
  • Education Unplugged: Mobility in education as seen through the critical literature, industry trends, emerging technologies and active cultural phenomena.
  • The Movable Feast: Team-driven, cohort-engaged explorations of select, pedagogically-significant aspects of mobility and knowledge mobilization.
  • Mobile Forum: A collective review of student-authored forecasts and analyses concerning mobile education

Assessment Criteria

ETEC 523 will provide weekly activities as well as four major assignments, each accounting for 25% of the total grade:

  • Participation: Each student contributing continuously and constructively to the ETEC 523 experience
  • Group Project: Teams of students producing the week-long thematic engagements of “The Movable Feast”.
  • Analytical Project: Each student authoring an analysis of an existing mobile application, service, program, technology, or platform of specific relevance to their scholarly and/or professional objectives.
  • Authoring Project: Each student authoring a mobile learning module forecasting future dimensions of mobile teaching and learning.