Graduate Profile: Kendra Grant

Kendra Grant

Kendra Grant is employed full time with FreshGrade—a digital portfolio and assessment tool that changes the focus from summative assessment for grading to formative assessment for learning. The platform brings the teacher, student and parents together to support a collaborative conversation about learning. FreshGrade’s home office is Kelowna, BC and Kendra works virtually for the company from her home office in Mississauga. Her role is to build awareness and use of FreshGrade in central and eastern Canada by supporting educators and districts with their FreshGrade pilots, teacher professional learning and district implementation.

Kendra’s experiences with the MET program have proven to be valuable to this role. The program allowed her to follow her passion and focus on teacher professional learning, online learning, assessment and how Universal Design for Learning supports each area. She was able to combine her volunteer work outside the program through ISTE with her focus in MET, and co-write several papers related to the program. The MET program supported Kendra’s presentation of these papers in New Orleans and Poland. 

Kendra’s favourite courses were:

  • ETEC 520: Planning and Managing Learning Technologies in Higher Education.
    “Professor Bullen went above and beyond to establish social presence in his course which made the online experience more engaging.”
  • ETEC 522: Ventures in Learning Technology (SOOC4Learning)
    “It allowed me to tie my education/business sides together.”
  • ETEC 580: Independent project (sooc-udl)
  • the ETEC 590: Graduating Project
    “Professor Feng truly supported collaborative and ongoing feedback to help us develop a portfolio that deeply explored what we learned in the MET program.”

Kendra is connected with a few MET alumni via LinkedIn, and is carving her own path to focus on what she wants to achieve.

View Kendra’s work, and read her cowritten papers on her Resume page.