What to Expect – MET Certificate Programs

Once we have received all of your documentation (transcripts, references, language test results if applicable), the MET Advisory Committee will examine your application and decide whether or not to admit you to the program.

If you are admitted, you will receive an email from us. If you are not accepted, you will receive a letter in the mail from us.

Checking Your Application Status

If you wish to check the status of your application, please log in to your application account (you created one when you applied) and check there. The checklist is generally updated within a day of the document arriving.

  • Your status will say “Application received” if we do not have all of the documentation.
  • It will say “Application Complete” if we have received all of your documentation but have not yet evaluated your application.
  • It will say “Admitted” if the Committee has decided that you should be admitted.

Application Processing Time

It generally takes up to 4 weeks for an application to be processed once we have received all documentation.

Respect the Application Deadline

Please note the application deadline for your application below. This is the date by which we need not just your application, but also all relevant documents (transcripts, references, etc.). If your application is not complete by this deadline, it cannot be considered for the term that you applied for.

The checklist on your application (accessible by logging into your application account) will be kept updated as we receive documents. This will help you ensure that all documents get to us in a timely manner. It is the applicant’s responsibility to keep on top of getting the documents to us. Please contact us if you are having any problems with your documents.

For September start:

  • TBDL or TBLS Certificate Program: June 30

For January  start:

  • TBDL or TBLS Certificate Program: October 15