Program Overview

The Master of Educational Technology (MET) is a graduate-level program offered by The University of British Columbia, a world-renowned university, located in Vancouver BC, Canada.  The MET curriculum is designed for educators at all levels and in diverse contexts:
  • K-12 teachers
  • college and university educators
  • adult/industry educators
  • course designers

Three Program Options

The program offers three internationally recognized credentials: MET graduate certificates can be completed in as little as one year and can be used towards the master’s degree. All courses are delivered online.

Program Requirements

Required Courses

There are four core courses in the MET program.

ETEC 590 is an elective course that is required for TQS advancement in British Columbia.

Laddering to Master’s

Students in the certificate program can apply to the master’s program at any time. Once accepted into the master’s program, students are no longer eligible to obtain a MET certificate.  Note that the total time between beginning the certificate and completing the master’s degree may not exceed five years.

Additional Program Highlights

We are always striving to provide opportunities and engagement for MET students and Alumni, and to continue developing the program to better suit the needs of our learning community. Some of the current benefits we’ve added include:

  • MET Learning Together – an online community forum for current students and MET Alumni to interact outside the classroom.
  • MET Conference Travel Grant – to support MET students presenting at local or international conferences.
  • MET Graduation Travel Grant – to assist MET students from around the world to travel to Vancouver to attend their graduation here at UBC.
  • MET Graduate Survey – to assist with our ongoing evaluation, development and international recognition of the program.
  • MET Graduate Support – connecting interested applicants with current or graduated MET students to answer questions about the program from the student perspective.
  • Graduate Profiles – we encourage our graduates to keep in touch and provide a webpage to post their profiles.
  • MET Blog – posting news and items of interest related to the program.

ePortfolio & MET

An elective course, ETEC 590 is an optional graduating project for students in the Master of Educational Technology (MET) program. Within this course, students will create an ePortfolio – a tool that will allow students to gather, analyze, and demonstrate their competencies, values and beliefs regarding technology integration. Visit the ePortfolio page for more information.