David Vogt, PhD

MET Executive

MET Adjunct Professor

Email: david.vogt@ubc.ca

MET Courses: ETEC 522, ETEC 523

“I began my career as an astronomer and Director of the UBC Observatories. I went on to becoming a Director of Science World, Vancouver’s public science museum, before falling in love with venture development and innovation leadership relating to digital public engagement (AKA the learning potentials of emerging information technologies). I have launched or accelerated more than 20 companies and currently serve on several boards while being CEO of multiple startups, including Peer Effects (accountable competency management for knowledge-based professions) and Urban Opus (the value of “citizen data” in smart cities).

I am involved with MET because it is fabulous professional development for me! The MET community, consisting of seasoned education professionals working around the world, is a superb ‘focus group’ and ‘brain trust’ for someone whose career is devoted to pioneering the learning potentials of emerging technologies.”