Kisha McPherson, PhD

MET Lecturer


MET Courses: ETEC 500, ETEC 565T

“I am an educator and scholar with over 15 years of experience, teaching students from kindergarten to post-secondary. I teach courses focused primarily on social justice, equity in education, media, and cultural studies.

I completed my PhD in education at York University in Toronto in 2019. Maintaining my passion for social justice, my dissertation focused on the impact of education policy, teachers, media, and contemporary representations of Blackness on the identity and education of Black girls in the Greater Toronto Area. I am interested in developing anti-oppressive pedagogies to support teaching and learning, and my research is aimed at integrating strategies for using technology to advance social justice education.

I have extensive experience in academic and community-based research. My most recent publication focuses on Black girl’s activist networks and the use of technology to resist negative representations of Black girls in the media.”