Marina Milner-Bolotin, PhD

Associate Professor in Science Education, Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy

MET Executive


MET Courses: ETEC 533

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“As a mathematics and science educator, I have been fascinated by technology for a long time. My research focuses on the use of technology in mathematics and science education, so ETEC 533 is very relevant to my research interests. I study how teachers use technology to engage students in meaningful mathematics and science learning.

I was happy to join the MET team in 2010, and to experienced teaching educators in a fully only MET course. It allows me to interact with educators all over the world who have similar interests, and also experience online teaching. Usually people who enrol in the MET program and who take my course know a lot of things I do not know and they are willing to share them with everybody. I also like that MET community extends beyond the courses we teach, as I am still in touch with the students I taught years ago.”