Matiul Alam, PhD

MET Instructor


MET Courses: ETEC 511

Matiul Alam, Ph.D. (Simon Fraser University) is an independent educational researcher. Dr. Alam, a former Professor of Education at Commonwealth Open University (UK) taught several other education courses including Oral Traditions and Literacy Development, Educating Exceptional Students, Dimensions of Equity, Achievement Motivation, Educational Psychology, Computer Uses in Education, Understanding Research, Classroom Management, Assessment and Evaluation in the Elementary, Intercultural Competencies for Teachers, Educational Research and data analysis, and School Community Relations in USA and Canada.

Dr. Alam was previously the President of the Vancouver Multicultural Society (2006-07) and a task force member of UNESCO’s anti-racism consultative forums. He has co-authored, “Combating Rural Poverty” and done several program evaluation reports as well as served on the editorial board of a social science journal, “Review of Human Factor Studies” and worked as a reviewer for the American Educational Research Association conference papers.

His interests include continuing and international education, informal and non-formal learning, instructional technology, multi-literacies and numeracy, professional ethics, and inclusive education of socially and economically disadvantaged students.