Yael Tågerud

Lecturer in Media and Communication Studies, Department of Media and Journalism, Linnaeus University, Sweden

MET Instructor

Email: yael.tagerud@lnu.se

MET Courses: ETEC 565G

Web: https://lnu.se/en/staff/yael.tagerud/

“Combining my passion for intercultural communication with my interest in technology and online education led to a collaboration with Dr Leah Macfadyen, and it resulted in the development of one of the elective courses (ETEC 565G) in the MET-program, which I am now pleased to co-teach with Dr Hyoshin Kim.

My educational practice is usually based on principles of collaborative learning and a pedagogical approach that promotes integration of theory and practice. Even though I have been working within higher education for over 30 years, I am still thrilled to take part in the development of tools and methods for supporting students’ learning. The significance of tacit knowledge and professional skills for intercultural encounters in online learning environments is also an area that fascinates me, as does the need to reflect on the continuous technological developments that we are witnessing and their impacts on society, today, and tomorrow.”