Yvonne Dawydiak

MET Manager

Instructional Specialist, Faculty-Wide Programs

Technology Integration Mentor, Teacher Education Program

Email: met.manager@ubc.ca

Web / Social: http://pdce.educ.ubc.ca/person/yvonne-dawydiak/

“As an alumna of the MET program (2010) and a K-12 classroom teacher for 25 years who has also taught in the BEd program and now acts as a mentor to faculty and students, I am very interested in how digital technologies might be used more effectively to help improve student learning. My areas of interest and research include mentorship, just-in-time support and the evaluation of digital technologies and their uses in face to face classroom settings.

My role of Instructional Specialist, Faculty-wide programs allows me the opportunity to help manage the administration of programs that do not ‘sit’ with a specific department in the Faculty of Education. These include: MET, Early Childhood Education (ECE), Urban Learners (UL) and Cross-Faculty Inquiry (CFI). In these programs, I am a bit of a wizard behind the curtain helping to keep things running and generally support administration, staff and instructors. In MET, I am typically the ‘go to’ for instructors with administrative questions.

In Teacher Education, another ‘faculty-wide’ program, I provide instructional leadership to teacher candidates and faculty to integrate digital technologies into their pedagogical practices. In this role, I enjoy co-planning and teaching, providing workshops, engaging in one on one coaching and maintaining an online resource site, the Scarfe Digital Sandbox.”