MET Inclusive Makerspace Conference

Keynote Presentations

Presenter Resources

Day 1: May 24

Sessions Resources
Teaching ‘Transformatively’ Through Making: Interactive Storytelling to Foster Change Website
A Makerspace Apprenticeship Program: A Key Ingredient to Inspire Girls to be Makers and Future Engineers Presentation (PDF)
Decolonizing Makerspaces Presentation (PDF)
Building Equity through Makerspace & STEM Presentation
Mind the Land you are Mining!: Creative Design of Critical Learning Experiences with Minecraft Presentation (PDF)
Worksheet (PDF)
Resource Website
The Happiness Advantage Participant Guide
Fast Fashion – Take Action Presentation
Textile Waste Unit Plan
Alternative Lesson Sequence
Life Hack – Reversing the Innovation Flow Presentation (PDF)
Literacy through Games Booklet (PDF)
Stitches & Switches Booklet (PDF)

Day 2: May 25

Sessions Resources
Multi-Gen Makerspaces in Affordable Housing: Co-Designing a Model with the Community Presentation
Connecting English Language Learners (ELLs) Culturally through Art and Craft Creation Website
ChatGPT and the Future of Education: Applications and Limitations for Classroom Use Summer Pro-D Opportunities
Resource Hub
Fostering a Making Culture Paper (PDF)
Towards a More “Radical Space of Possibility”: Four Collaborative Experiments in Inclusive Makerspace Design Presentation (PDF)
Making in Disenfranchised Contexts Within the Global Industrial Scene: Insight from Africa Presentation (PPTX)
ChatGPT: Promoting Accessibility and Learnability or Not Presentation (PDF)
Teaching Online in Culturally Diverse Settings: Classroom Management Paper (PDF)
Presentation (PDF)
Video Game Design and Storytelling with Makecode Arcade Presentation (PDF)
Transforming the Everyday into Art Presentation