20 Years in 20 Weeks Spotlight

Experience MET’s 20-year history through a video series with faculty and students!

Every Thursday starting January 12, 2023, until the end of May, we shine a spotlight on an individual and their journey and reflections on the MET program! Join the conversation on Twitter @UBCMET

March 16 2023

Jamie Ashton

MET Alumni, Jamie Ashton chose the MET program because she wanted to dive deeper into the role of technology in the various teaching environments she has experienced.

March 9 2023

Eduardo Rebagliati

MET Alumni, Eduardo Rebagliati’s interest in learning technologies began during COVID as an instructor. Knowing he wanted to do a Master’s he found the MET program a perfect fit as it combined both education and technology.

March 2 2023

Nathan Lott

MET Alumni, Nathan Lott, enjoyed how the MET program was relevant to his work in the classroom with combining technology with teaching practices. The program also provided an opportunity to understand how his teaching practices with technology fit into his pedagogy from a bigger perspective.

Previous Month’s Tips in Two

February 23 2023

Mary McDonald

MET Alumni, Mary McDonald, speaks about how she was drawn towards the MET program's international community and how courses introduced pedagogical and theoretical perspectives with real-world implementation.

February 16 2023

Robert Clifton

MET Alumni, Robert Clifton, is an early adopter of technology in the classroom and was always interested in technology and tools that create participatory learning environments. Robert chose the MET program because it offered an opportunity to explore and align current research and theory with his own practice.

February 9 2023

Tamaka Fisher

MET alumni, Tamaka Fisher, shares how the MET program overlapped with her interest in ableism, social justice, inclusivity, decolonization, and Indigeneity. Tamaka also shares how the program gave her a global perspective in her current role as an accessibility advisor.

February 2 2023

Craig Murrell

MET alumni, Craig Murrell, talks about how MET's online delivery and its strong evidence-based approach to educational technology was what he was looking for on his education journey.

January 26 2023

Dr. Parul Kulshrestha

MET alumni, Dr. Parul Kulshrestha, talks about how the program contributed to her professional development and supported her goals.

January 19, 2023

Dr. Natasha Boškić

Dr. Boškić who is currently a MET instructor reflects on how the MET program has impacted her life.

January 12, 2023

Dr. Tony Bates

Dr. Bates shares some insights into the founding of the UBC MET program and his thoughts on the program's 20-year history.