MET courses are designed to ensure that graduates will have a sophisticated understanding of learning supported by digital technologies in a range of different organizational contexts.

Normally, students in the MET and certificate program take ETEC 500 in their first term of study. ETEC 500 offers core academic and research skills that will benefit you in later courses. We also recommend that complete the required core courses as early in your program of study as possible because they offer key skills and foundational learning.

To assist you in planning your program of study, we maintain a three-year projected Course Calendar.

ETEC 521: Indigeneity, Technology and Education

Elective Course

ETEC 521

ETEC 522: Ventures in Learning Technology

Elective Course

ETEC 522

ETEC 523: Mobile & Open Learning

Elective Course

ETEC 523

ETEC 543: Understanding Learning Analytics

Elective Course

ETEC 543

ETEC 544: Digital Games & Learning

Elective Course

ETEC 544

ETEC 580: Directed Study / Problems in Education

Elective Course

ETEC 580

ETEC 590: Graduating Project

Elective Course

ETEC 590

MET Summer Institutes

Elective Courses

Summer Institutes

Core Courses

Elective Courses