MET Summer Institutes

Summer Institutes offer a unique opportunity for MET students to connect in an intensive, immersive learning experience. Ranging from one to three weeks in length, MET Summer Institutes are developed by faculty members from various departments in the Faculty of Education.

The summer institute planned for summer 2022 is:

MET Summer Institutes are 3-credit courses, and you can register for them in the same way that you register for other MET courses.

The UBC Faculty of Education also offers a range of other summer institutes not formally part of the MET program. For more information about all summer institute offerings in the Faculty of Education, please visit the Professional Development Community Engagement website. If you are interested in completing a UBC summer institute that is not a MET course, but that would enrich your MET experience, contact the MET Academic Advisor, who can give approval for you to take up to 6 credits of coursework outside of MET. We work on new ideas for Summer Institutes every year, so if you have an idea for a Summer Institute, please contact us!

Find out more about past MET Summer Institutes