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Helen DeWaard

Five Flames 4 Learning

An Ethos of Care (#OER20 Conference Presentation)

Caring is a sustained emotional investment in an individual’s well-being, characterized by a desire to take actions that will benefit that person.” Weiner & Auster (2007) This is our open, online presentation for the OER20 Conference that was scheduled for … Continue reading

Noan Fresnoux

The Leap Academy

Moumita Chakraborty

Blank Slate Chronicles

The story of art: the cost of exclusivity in the digital age

The Artist’s Struggle Recently, I was chatting with my artist friend. In her opinion, there exist certain cultures across the

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Cari Wilson

This & That – Tuesday’s Technology Tips

Back To (A New) Reality

Well, that was probably the weirdest spring break I’ve ever had! I alternated back and forth between getting out and enjoying some of the beautiful weather (at an appropriate social distance) and worrying about my family, my friends and my students. Alternated between wanting to be on social media to connect with people and avoiding …

Erica Hargreave

Erica’s Speaking Site

Online Course Activity Break #5: Combining Mindfulness with a Lesson in Video SEO

Here is the fifth activity break that I've added to my online courses in an effort to make them healthier places to study with reminders to be active in the real world. This activity break is focused on on-the-go mindfulness, while demonstrating video SEO. Feel free to use it and modify it for your own needs.

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Ahimsa Media Blog

Launching a new YouTube Channel on the Art and Business of Storytelling!

Get ready to sink your teeth into the new StoryToGo YouTube channel we have launched to support contemporary storytelling of all kinds, exploring the art and business of storytelling.

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StoryToGo Blog

E² – Entertainment & Education : At Home Entertainment Magazine ~ Edition 1

As we all self isolate at present, our goal is to deliver fun, calming, and educational distractions each week with E² - Entertainment and Education : An At Home Entertainment Magazine.

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Tannis Morgan

Explorations in the Ed Tech World

Student Conditions and Access in the Online Pivot

It’s been just over a week since I posted a short piece on how to teach online with email and a smartphone and what a week it’s been. There’s continued to be great support and resources being shared and some of us are settling into a new reality. I’m encouraged by the emphasis on care and flexibility, and in reflecting on all that has gone on this week I think the first task in moving online is not deciding what technology to move to but what kind of access and conditions your students have in their new reality and take it from there. It’s a bit late for some educators who’ve already made videos and scheduled Zoom sessions, but I’m putting this out there in the event that there are some that are still in the early stages of wrapping their heads around their pivot. Depending on how many students you have, this could be a short email or a poll. Google forms are a quick and easy way to do this but you won’t want students to identify themselves in the form for FIPPA/privacy reasons. This is what I would ask: Do you have access to reliable internet that still allows for social distancing? What device will you be using to complete the course? Are their any non-course related conditions that will affect your ability to participate in the course during this time: eg. food/job insecurity, housing insecurity, family member care/responsibilities, distance from family, resident/visa status in Canada? Do you have a reliable support network for the next 1-3 months while you self-isolate?  (I love what Arley McNeney shared on Twitter about reaching out to students to see how they are doing via email merge. She lays it out step by step. .) A note about technology: I have a colleagued who did her research on the evaluation of ed tech implementations and their impact on teaching and learning. She learned that ed tech implementations were more successful when they had a smaller distance from usual practice. I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the mad rush to Zoom and web conferencing as a replacement for f2f. On the one hand, this feels like a smaller distance from practice, and certainly is the best substitute for being in the same room as our students. But depending on the particular circumstances of your students it might not be the right tool for right now. (I say this as my partner is unable to get through to our internet provider to find out why our 5G has been so glitchy and I prepare to do a webconferencing session in an hour.)

OER in Other Languages

Tajik Persian: Readings in History, Culture and Society

Tajik Persian: Readings in History, Culture and Society seeks to help students develop reading proficiency in Tajik at advanced level through authentic texts written for native speakers and provides them glimpses into the history, culture and society of Tajikistan without losing its focus on cultural aspects of the country—an aspect that constitutes a core component […]

Yvonne Dawydiak

Scarfe Digital Sandbox – UBC Teacher Education Tech Integration Resource

Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning Video Interviews

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