ETEC 565H: Artificial Intelligence in Education – Using AI to Enhance Learning


In the foreground of the image a child holds a transparent tablet. On the screen is a humanoid robot presumably delivering a lesson. The light of the screen illuminates the child’s glasses. In the middle ground another child looks directly at the viewer, breaking the fourth wall in an unsettling way. The background shows a traditional classroom, with blurred posters decorating the walls. The image is photorealistic and ultra-detailed, however it demonstrates the tell-tale issues with hands that early Midjourney images were known for.

There is no question that artificial intelligence will revolutionize education – it is already an integral part of our society. A site of research and speculation for well over 50 years, public interest in artificial intelligence and its social implications has garnered unprecedented attention due to the emergence of publicly available generative AI technologies. From the recommender engines guiding commerce and entertainment to the electoral candidates we vote for, artificial intelligence is an increasingly significant part of our decision-making processes.

This is a foundational course in artificial intelligence, spanning its application in our homes, classrooms, workplaces, and society at-large. We will begin with a discussion of the history of AI and the underlying technologies that enable it. Topics include how and when to leverage artificial intelligence to address opportunities and challenges within a variety of contexts, best practices in the implementation and evaluation of AI, and pedagogical strategies for AI-assisted teaching and learning. Learners will be challenged to think critically about the greater social, cultural, and environmental implications of artificial intelligence with special emphasis on addressing bias from an intersectional perspective. As a final project, learners will have the opportunity to create an AI-powered prototype or detailed implementation plan.

Image created using Midjourney with the following prompt: /imagine: classroom of the future with mixed race African American students, teaching with artificial intelligence technology, in a Pixar style, photorealistic, ultra photoreal, ultra-detailed, intricate details, 8K, super detailed, full color, volumetric lighting, HDR, realistic, Unreal Engine, 16K, sharp focus