Chris Rozitis, PhD



MET Courses: ETEC 533

“I have been teaching high school for the Vancouver School Board (VSB) for over twenty years. I have taught a variety of courses in the fields of mathematics, physics, and biology. I have also created numerous online courses for the VSB, which includes developing objectives, content, and assessments. Several years ago, I mentored graduate students in the Learning and Teaching with Technology Program, at Simon Fraser University. During the last twenty years, I have been involved in professional development at the local and provincial level. Most recently, I created and taught three online professional development courses for the BC Ministry of Education. One of the courses incorporates online student engagement for K- 12 and postsecondary students.

Currently, I am an online high school teacher for the Vancouver Learning Network (the online school for the VSB), where I teacher physics, biology, science 10, digital media and photography.

As a teacher, my main goal is to motivate students, whether it be in the online or face-to-face environment. Extrapolating the various learning styles within the classroom enables me to customize my instruction to the benefit of all learners.”