Derek Gladwin, Phd


Assistant Professor, Language & Literacy Education

Sustainability Fellow, UBC Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS)

Faculty, UBC Master of Arts in Children’s Literature Program (MACL)


MET Courses: ETEC 541


“My research and teaching explore digital media, textual studies, and eco-literacy across public and educational contexts. My aim is to produce transdisciplinary conversations about education and other critical fields of study – particularly media, ecology, humanities, and the arts – by examining approaches through narrative, language, literacy, and representation in society and culture.

Uses and understandings of digital media technologies continually guide my approaches in interdisciplinary education, particularly in how technology networks act as a mass web of interrelationships and interconnections. I teach in MET because public education about media technologies might be one of the most important elements to enrich these interrelationships within culture and society in the 21st Century.”