Prospective Student FAQs

  • The MET Program was developed in collaboration between two world-renowned academic institutions examining issues in education with regard to technology and online learning.
  • The MET Program provides students with a rare opportunity to participate with an internationally, culturally and professionally diverse student population.
  • Students have the freedom to choose their own courses, schedules and timelines for completion.

All courses are offered completely online. You will use the Internet to access information and to participate in online discussions with other students internationally.

You will need: a computer and reliable access to the internet (high-speed internet is highly recommended).

Participants should be comfortable using a keyboard, have a modem connection that is a minimum of 33.6 kbps, and an active email account. Courses are delivered through Connect learning management system.

No. Prior coursework in education is not required. Refer to Admission requirements.

Tuition is calculated on a per-course basis, click here to see the current rate. All prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change by the University.

A thesis will not be required. Instead, a "culminating reflection" of what you have learned in the MET program will be expected in one of the final courses. This reflection will be implemented to satisfy British Columbia's TQS requirements (see question #8), and thus will not be required of students who do not need it.

Students may apply to complete a supervised individual project in lieu of one of the MET courses. Students must secure UBC's approval before starting work on the project.

Each term, two core courses and a selection of elective courses are scheduled, so you can choose to take courses at your own pace. The Master's degree can be completed in as little as 2 years, and within a maximum of 5 years. If you are applying for either the TBDL or TBLS certificate and plan on laddering into the MET, keep in mind that you must finish the MET within 5 years of beginning your certificate.

TQS has stated that a Master's program needs a "capstone experience" or research component to meet TQS standards for moving up to Category 6. This research component will be fulfilled by selecting ETEC 590 as a program elective.

The above only affects BC teachers who wish to advance to category 6 on the TQS scale. If you wish to advance to Category 5, it is our understanding that ETEC 590 is not required.  You should check with TQS to confirm what you need before deciding whether to enroll in ETEC 590.

Yes. You can "ladder" (transfer) five completed courses into the Master's program. There is no charge for transfer of credits; however you will need to reapply and pay the application fee for the Master's program. Please keep in mind that, if you ladder into the Master's degree before completing your certificate, you cannot go back to the certificate program and you will not be eligible to receive it. Also, you must complete the Master's degree within 5 years of beginning your certificate.

While at least one academic reference is preferred, it is not required. Work references that can speak to your initiative, intellectual capacity and industry are welcome.

Master's degree applicants: Please see directions on applying for the Master's degree. Master's applicants no longer submit their documents to us as part of the application process. Instead, they upload a copy of their transcripts to their application. Hard copies of transcripts are only submitted if an applicant is offered admission.

TBDL/TBLS certificate applicants: Yes. All relevant documents (transcripts, references, etc.) must reach us by the application deadline. If your application is not complete by this deadline, it cannot be considered for the term that you applied for. Please contact us if you are having any problems with your documents.

MET course materials are available for view and purchase online from the UBC Bookstore, and delivered to you wherever you are in the world.

Course outlines also provide information on required and recommended reading, much of which is available electronically. You can find MET courses here.

No, the MET degree does not. However, if you are interested in attaining a Teaching Certificate in BC, UBC does offer the following program:

The Bachelor of Education Program at UBC prepares teachers for their responsibilities in British Columbia schools. Successful completion of the program leads to the B.Ed degree and also to recommendation for initial teacher certification by the BC College of Teachers. Graduates of this program are initially qualified to apply for certification to teach in the province of British Columbia. For more information regarding the B.Ed. program, please visit the Teacher Education Program website.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies allows students to transfer up to 12 previously taken credits (four 1-term courses or their equivalent) into a graduate program at UBC.  These courses must meet the following criteria:

  • They are approved by the MET Graduate Advisor.
  • They cannot have been used for any conferred degree (master's program, diploma, etc).
  • All transfer credit requests must meet the Faculty of Graduate Studies policies for transfer credit approval.
  • Transfer credit requests that do not meet these requirements will be automatically rejected.

The $250 registration deposit is non-refundable.

The remaining tuition will be refunded as follows:

  • Drop during first two weeks: 100%
  • Drop during third week: 50%
  • Drop during fourth week: 25%
  • After fourth week: No Refund

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. Incorporated in 1908 by an act of the provincial legislature, it operates under the authority of the University Act of the Province of British Columbia. Membership in AUCC and operation under the authority of the University Act is equivalent to accreditation in the US system.