How to Apply – MET Graduate Degree

A number of resources are available to help students know what to expect before applying to the program. Below are various resources that will assist you in preparing to apply for admission.

Please note: if you are laddering from the TBDL/TBLS certificate into the Master’s degree, you can ignore all references to uploading documents. We already have your documents and will attach them to your application once you have applied. None of them will have to be resubmitted.

Read These First!

Submit the Required Documents

If you are applying for the MET program, you are required to upload scanned copies of documents as part of your program application. Instructions about scanned documents required and details of how to submit appropriate scanned copies are included within the online application.

  • Official Transcripts – Transcripts are required from each post-secondary institution you have attended, other than UBC. All transcripts and degree certificates must be uploaded to your application. This requirement includes any institution where you took a course for a grade, even if the course(s) were transferred to another institution. Applicants who took courses at UBC do not have to submit UBC transcripts.
    International transcripts must include a notation of the degree earned.  If it is not on the transcript, we will need an official degree certificate from the university as well as the transcript.  Applicants should submit both official English translations (by the university) as well as original language transcripts and degree certificates.These transcripts should have been issued within 2 years of your application.
  • Letters of Reference -Applicants must submit three letters from individuals able to report on your academic abilities and qualifications. References will be submitted electronically and can be submitted once you have submitted your application. The reference will automatically be attached to your application (see instructions on the application) References with web-based email addresses (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc) will not be able to use the electronic reference. While you can include the email address, the reference will instead be sent a link to the reference form that they can fill out. They must then submit it via post to the address given to them on the application. They must sign the seal of the envelope they use to send it to us.
  • Essay – Students must submit an essay of up to 500 words outlining their professional and scholarly goals. This essay must be uploaded to your application separately.
  • Resume/CV – Please upload your current resume/CV to your application.

Respect the Application Deadline

Please note the application deadlines noted on the right hand side. These are the dates by which your application must be submitted, including all relevant documents (transcripts, references, etc.). If your application is not complete by this deadline, it will not be considered for the term that you applied for.

The checklist on your application (accessible by logging into your application account) will update as you upload documents or references are submitted. This will help you ensure that all documents get to us in a timely manner. It is the applicant’s responsibility to keep on top of fulfilling document requirements. Please contact us if you are having any problems with your documents.

Online Application

Students must complete the online application for admission through the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. The online application should take 30-45 minutes to complete.  An application fee will be charged, and can be paid online with Visa or Mastercard. Online registration can be found at:

Submission of Official Documents

If you are offered admission to the MET program, you will have to send one official transcript from each post-secondary institution listed on your application to the Faculty of Graduate & Post-doctoral Studies. Information on that will be included in your offer letter.