MET-hosted lecture: Quality Education and the Role of Digital Technology in Nepal, January 17th 2019

This talk was co-sponsored with the UBC Himalaya Program, the UBC Centre for India & South Asia Research (CISAR), the Department of Language and Literacy Education (LLED), UBC Language Sciences, and the Nepal Library Foundation

Technological innovations have revolutionized the ways we communicate, exchange knowledge and ideas, and deliver goods and services. However, this progress has yet to touch the lives many around the world, and the disparity between the privileged and the disadvantaged has been rising. There is an urgent need to leverage technology to level the playing field and provide equitable access to education and opportunities for all. Despite right intentions and large investments, the progress has been slow, and much needs to be done in policies and practices. I will use Nepal’s case to highlight the challenges and lessons of using technology to uplift the lives of people.

Rabi Karmacharya is a social entrepreneur who helped launch Open Learning Exchange Nepal with the vision to use technology to improve the quality of primary education in Nepal’s public schools, and to transform the way children learn through engagement, exploration and experimentation.

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