Vancouver’s ‘Georgia Straight’ reports on MET’s contribution to online learning development during the COVID-19 pandemic

Vancouver’s long-running weekly newspaper, The Georgia Straight, sought out MET Director Dr. Teresa Dobson‘s insights into MET’s contribution to online learning development.

In this August 13th 2020 article, Dr. Dobson describes how many MET students and alumni have been leading efforts to accelerate the ‘leap to online’  and lead instructional design in their workplaces across Canada and internationally.

“Many of our students lead online instructional design in their workplaces,” Dobson stated. “When global lockdowns commenced in view of COVID-19, our students were in high demand. Some were called upon to lead their respective workplaces—schools, universities, businesses, et cetera—rapidly through a pivot from face-to-face to online forms of education. Others were hired into new positions as leaders in developing online education options to supplement or replace existing face-to-face programs,” she continued. “MET students continue to be in high demand and will be for the foreseeable future.”