MET welcomes Dr. Kisha McPherson as a permanent lecturer

The MET program has welcomed Dr. Kisha McPherson as a full-time lecturer to the team – she started in summer 2020.

Dr. McPherson has well over a decade of experience teaching students of all ages, ranging from kindergarten to post-secondary. Her work centres on themes of social justice, equity in education, media, and cultural studies; her research interests focus on cultural and Black studies.

“My research is focused on examining the uses of technologies for resistance to structures of oppression,” she explains.

“For example, my most current research project centres the knowledge production of Black girls as a form of resistance pedagogy.”

Dr. McPherson was slated to teach ‘ETEC 565T: Critical Media Literacy’ this summer, but unfortunately the realities of the current pandemic meant the Summer Institute was cancelled. However, she offers a glimpse into what the course would have entailed: critically examining media representations, and the effects this has on our understanding of others.

“This MET course was designed to focus on representations that create isolation and maintain oppressive narratives,” she notes.

Students would then be asked to apply their skills to create and apply alternative tools in order to improve media literacy.

When asked what she enjoys most about teaching in the MET program so far, her reply shows a genuine passion for the subject matter, and those she teaches and hopes to inspire. One aspect she appreciates is that “[MET] courses take an interesting approach to exploring and examining the intersection between education and technology,” and that they “assist students in developing key skills that can be applied in their professional practices.”

“I enjoy learning from students about the types of situations they encounter and together working with students to strategize on solutions through the course material and our lived experiences.”

What Dr. McPherson is most passionate about, however, is using her teaching to demonstrate her commitment to equity.

“My goal is to create safer spaces for students to develop their own practices that are based on equitable approaches to teaching and learning.”

Dr. McPherson is currently teaching: ETEC 500, ETEC 530, ETEC 531, and ETEC 542.

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Written by Milena Constanda