Behind the Lens: Navigating Identity in Film

As part of the MET Anti-Racism Speaker Series

In this thought-provoking podcast, join host Dr. Keri Ewart, as she engages in candid conversations with an influential figure in the film industry, delving into the complex intersections of identity, representation, and storytelling. In this episode, guest Agam Darshi, renowned actor, writer, and director, shares her personal journeys and professional insights.

Exploring topics ranging from the impact of technology and shifting industry dynamics to the evolving narratives of underrepresented communities, this podcast highlights the transformations for marginalized and oppressed IBPOC individuals. From discussions on the South-Asian narrative to unpacking the toll of colonialism on film, this episode offers a deep dive into the multifaceted layers of race, gender, and culture in cinema.

Through open dialogue and introspective reflections, Agam Darshi examines the role of education in fostering inclusivity and anti-racism within the industry. From challenging notions of authorship to navigating the complexities of intersectionality, this dialogue sheds light on both the progress made and the obstacles yet to overcome. The content from this podcast navigates the nuanced terrain of identity in film, seeking to amplify diverse voices.


Agam Darshi

About Agam Darshi

Agam Darshi is an international award winning actress and filmmaker, having worked alongside Oscar nominated director Deepa Mehta, and Emmy winner Ava Duvernay.

Agam Darshi’s directorial debut Donkeyhead, which Agam wrote and starred in, was financed by Telefilm Canada, acquired by Array Now and released on Netflix in January 2022 in USA/UK/Australia and New Zealand. It won Best Feature Film Award, Best Support Actor and Best editing at MISAFF, and won best direction at the Vancouver Women’s International Film Festival in 2022. It was nominated for 11 Leo awards and won best lead actress, and best screenplay for Agam. Agam won best director at 43rd Durban International Film Festival, and was nominated for Outstanding Achievement in a Feature Film at 2022 DGC Awards. Agam won best lead actress at the UBCP/ACTRA awards 2022 for her role in Donkeyhead.

In 2018 Donkeyhead was one of only six scripts accepted into the Whistler Film Festival’s Praxis Screenwriting Lab and was awarded a $2000 grant by the Saint John’s Women’s Film Festival, in collaboration with the DGC.

In the fall of 2022 Agam co created a series for Omni entitled Our Big Punjabi Family, a half hour single cam comedy about a Punjabi family living in BC. Agam has continued directing for television, and recently wrapped an episode of ALLEGIANCE for CBC.

Agam is a recipient of the illustrious Film Independent Project Involve 2020 Fellowship as a writer and the cofounder of VISAFF: The Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival which is currently in its 14th year.