Join us in welcoming Dr. Keri Ewart to the MET program!

Join us in welcoming Dr. Keri Ewart to the MET program!

Dr. Keri Ewart joined the MET program as full-time lecturer on September 1 and is already rolling up her sleeves and digging in; she’s teaching three courses in Winter 1 (ETEC 500: Research Methodology in Education, ETEC 531: Curriculum Issues in Cultural & New Media Studies and ETEC 540: Text Technologies – The Changing Spaces […]

Dr. Derek Gladwin publishes new book

Best wishes to Dr. Derek Gladwin on the release of his new book on Rewriting Our Stories. The book about the the power of storytelling was featured in the Vancouver Sun recently. Well done!

Dr. Samia Khan Keynote at the ISET 2021 Conference

Dr. Khan delivered a keynote address to this year’s International Science Educators and Teachers (ISET) research conference last week. Her keynote included the use of simulation technology and how this technology can be used to teach science– as though the future depends on it.

Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Stack

Congratulations to our Dr. Michelle Stack for receiving a Public Engagement Award by UBC’s Public Humanities Hub. The Public Engagement Awards were created to honour individuals who have exhibited outstanding public humanities engagement in the past two years. We are proud of you!