Join us in welcoming Dr. Keri Ewart to the MET program!

Dr. Keri Ewart joined the MET program as full-time lecturer on September 1 and is already rolling up her sleeves and digging in; she’s teaching three courses in Winter 1 (ETEC 500: Research Methodology in Education, ETEC 531: Curriculum Issues in Cultural & New Media Studies and ETEC 540: Text Technologies – The Changing Spaces of Reading & Writing).

Dr. Ewart’s career in education spans 25 years in a wide variety of capacities and roles. She has an extensive background in K-12 education and curriculum development in Ontario and has held multiple positions across many universities. Her research focuses on “redefining the modern learning experience using meaningful and purposeful technology,” she explained.

What she’s most passionate about though is teaching: “I love supporting and guiding learners to push beyond what they ever thought possible,” she said.

She was drawn to the MET program by what she saw as an alignment of values. “I believe in the purposeful implementation of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism frameworks within all work and I saw this embedded in every course description at MET,” she explained. She believes strongly in the capacity of the students in the MET program saying, “I think that the students enrolled in the MET courses are going to be the graduates that bring about change and hope in all educational contexts.”

She is looking forward to working with as many students as possible as well as what she refers to as MET’s “Rockstar” faculty members.

Dr. Ewart brings energy into everything she does and is a big fan of trying new things, taking risks and learning through the process. She tries to learn something new every year (this year it’s Mandarin) and goes by the motto “if I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change.”

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