Tatiana Bourlova, PhD

MET Instructor

Email: tatiana.bourlova@ubc.ca

MET Courses: ETEC 510, ETEC 524

Tatiana Bourlova, Ph.D (Ural State University, RF), has undertaken research projects, including The impact of e-learning on university campus (UBC Distance Education & Technology’s Centre for Managing and Planning Learning Environments – MAPLE, 2003-2005); Rural nurses’ experiences in the provision of maternity care (UBC Family Practice, 2005-2006); and Gendered experiences of time: Testing automated data transferral from online questionnaires to the statistics app SPSS (UBC Centre for Research in Women’s Studies and Gender Relations, 2001-2003). Her current research interests include impact analysis and digital modeling, critical studies in technology and social impacts of technological solutions, and instructional design and online educational experiences.

Tatiana worked as consultant in planning, production and user testing process of a sophisticated curriculum based online learning application called The Law Project, produced by Monro Communication company and sponsored by the Law Foundation of BC. The Law Project provided the opportunity for students to collect video and images for the purpose of creating an online movie that could be shared with teachers for assessment or with other students for discussion and debate. The exercise of making a movie provided the stimulus for critical thinking on widely ranging themes related to the law including Women, Youth, Immigration, Residential Schools, Indigenous Fishing Rights, and the Environment. Diversity and inclusiveness were key concerns throughout the production. The Law Project was nominated for Best Interactive Program at the 2011 International History Makers Conference in New York.

As Director of Programs and Professional Development at the Work Wellness and Disability Prevention Institute (WWDPI), Tatiana developed strategic plan for curriculum migration, the guidelines for design and administration of new professional development, job mentoring and workplace health related programs.

Tatiana has also been part of the Health Information Management Group, as Education Specialist, supporting Clinical and Systems Transformation (CST) Initiative and implementation of the Front End Speech Recognition (FESR) M*Modal dictation software within the Vancouver Coastal Health institutions.