Registering Online

Before registering online, please take note of the following:

  • To log in, you must obtain a campus-wide login (see instructions).
  • To browse course offerings, log into your Student Account and choose “Course Schedule.” Follow directions from there.
  • MET ETEC courses have the following section numbers: 64A (September), 65A (January), and 66A (May). The “A” refers to the first section of the course. Added sections will be designated by sequential letters.
  • Courses are marked with “restricted” seating because only MET, TBDL or TBLS students are eligible to register for them online. It does not mean that you are restricted from taking them.
  • You can use the Student Service Centre to keep track of your courses, fees, and grades. Bookmark this site for your convenience. Students are responsible for keeping track of their own fees and deadlines for payment, which can be done on the Student Service Centre.
  • Remember to logout when you are finished.

Click here to Register Online .

Course Registration Deadlines

Students self-register in courses through the Student Service Centre. We strongly encourage early registration as courses can fill up quickly. You can view the date and time that course registration will open for the upcoming term through the Student Service Centre.  Please note:

  • A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 (CDN) is required before registration
  • For tuition fee due dates, please check your student account