Transformational Practices Through an Indigenous Lens

As part of the MET Anti-Racism Speaker Series

Len Pierre speaks with host, Dr. Keri Ewart about the influences of traditional Indigenous teachings and learnings on Indigenous and non-Indigenous students and the ways that communities transmit cultural knowledge and wisdom from one generation to the next.

Referencing best practice methods while honouring and being sensitive to the historical trauma and colonization that has impacted Indigenous ways of learning, knowing, and doing, Len guides the listeners through a holistic and authentic transformation of practice. He gives permission for mistakes and learning and asks listeners to “show up with an open heart” and identify truths, recognize colonially contrived inherent biases, and work towards reconciliation.

Len Pierre

About Len Pierre

Len Pierre is Coast Salish from Katzie (kate-zee) First Nation.

Len is an educator, consultant, TEDx Speaker, social activist, change agent, & traditional knowledge keeper. He has a master’s degree in Education from Simon Fraser University focusing on Indigenous curriculum and instructional design. His experience includes Indigenous education and program leadership from various organizations across colonial Canada.

He specializes in the development of educational programs and services with decolonization and reconciliation as its core values. He comes to us with an open heart and open mind and hopes to be received in the same way.