When the Hood Comes Off: Racism And Resistance in the Digital Age

As part of the MET Anti-Racism Speaker Series

Dr. Rob Eschmann and Dr. Keri Ewart discuss Dr. Eschmann’s recently released book When the Hood Comes Off: Racism and Resistance in the Digital Age as they explore the impact of digital technologies on racial dynamics and discusses the internet’s potential as a tool for innovative resistance.


Rob Eschmann

About Dr. Rob Eschmann

Dr. Rob Eschmann is a writer, scholar, filmmaker, and educator from Chicago. He is Associate Professor of Social Work and a member of the Data Science Institute at Columbia University, as well as Faculty Associate at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society.

Dr. Eschmann writes on educational inequality, community violence, racism, social media, and youth wellbeing. His research seeks to uncover individual, group, and intuitional-level barriers to racial and economic equity, and he pays special attention to the heroic efforts everyday people make to combat those barriers.

Dr. Eschmann’s first book, When the Hood Comes Off: Racism and Resistance in the Digital Age, is an engaging and comprehensive exploration of the ways technology and online communication are changing how we experience, understand, and respond to racism, both online and in-person.