Voices of Change: Navigating History, Heritage, and Anti-Racism

As part of the MET Anti-Racism Speaker Series

This podcast, “Voices of Change,” explores the transformative journeys of individuals making a significant impact on history, heritage, and the fight against racism. In this episode, our esteemed guest is Dr. Satwinder Bains, a trailblazing figure whose passion for her work has left an indelible mark on the realms of education, heritage preservation, and anti-racism advocacy speaks to the ideas of building anti-south Asian racism frameworks in order to transform education.

This episode delves into the evolution of Dr. Bains’ ground breaking work and the roots of her unwavering dedication. Through insightful questions, the hosts guide listeners through Dr. Bains’ experiences at the Gur Sikh Temple in Abbotsford, her curatorial contributions at the Heritage Museum, and the founding of the South-Asian Studies Institute. As the conversation unfolds, Dr. Bains shares how her work contributes to the crucial spheres of anti-racism and allyship, shedding light on the ways educators and administrators can benefit from her expertise. The discussion also explores the establishment of the University of the Fraser Valley in Chandigarh, India, unraveling the origins and impact of this institution.

Join us in uncovering the inspiring journey of Dr. Satwinder Bains, a beacon of change and enlightenment in our ever-evolving society.



Dr. Satwinder Bains

About Dr. Satwinder Bains

Dr. Satwinder Kaur Bains is an Associate Professor in School of Culture, Media and Society. Her current research interests include migration, settlement, and integration; cross-cultural education and curriculum implementation; race, racism, and ethnicity; identity politics; South Asian Canadian Diaspora studies, Punjabi cultural historiographies. Her academic articles can be found in the International Journal of Heritage Studies, The Asia-Pacific Journal, Religions, Women’s Studies International Forum, Ethnicity and Inequalities in Health and Social Care and books such as Unmooring the Komagata Maru: Charting Colonial Trajectories; Diverse Spaces: Examining Identity, Heritage and Community within Canadian Public Culture; Gender Issues and Challenges in Twenty First Century; Interpreting Ghadar: Echoes of Voices Past as well as in other public spaces.

Satwinder has extensive years of professional work experience in community development and has worked extensively with not-for-profit organizations in the area of cross-cultural mental health, immigrant women, youth and families and board development on diversity and equity. diversity, cross cultural development, women’s rights and socio-religious interfaith dialogue She has served the community as a diversity educator, community developer and community activist in the field of anti-racism and immigrant settlement integration. She is a consummate community advocate and volunteer and has assisted numerous community organizations develop and grow. She continues to serve on numerous committees and organizations locally, nationally and internationally.